Stone Tiles: Reclaimed, New & Imitation

Stone tiles are typically a local form of limestone found in the Cotswolds, the Purbeck district of Dorset and many areas of Somerset.  A sandstone type can be found in parts of Caithness, Cumbria and Hereford. In the Bath area stone tiles are fairly common.

The variation in stone is matched by the size, thickness, how the edges are finished/dressed too.  Stone is extremely attractive, can be expensive and it requires experienced skills to lay.

At M J Faint Roofing, we are extremely experienced in fitting such tiles and we are able to supply other local roofing contractors and stone suppliers with new project specific batten plans/stone quantity requirements, therefore eliminating waste and saving on costs. You can see more examples of our work with stone tiles on our gallery page.

New Stone Tiles

New stone tiles are still available today but supplies are limited. Here at M J Faint Roofing we have built up over many years an enviable list of reclaimed stone tile suppliers. We endeavour to hold stone tiles in stock and constantly monitor availability. Limited supplies have given rise to imported stone tiles coming on to the market. Local authorities and historical trusts have recognised this need, and good quality imported stone is now being recognised as a viable alternative, easing the burden on remaining new and reclaimed suppliers


Another consequence of demand is the production of imitation stone tiles. These have come a long way from their humble beginnings and major manufacturers have invested heavily in their production. The result of which is a viable alternative to natural stone where regulations/planning and listing consents allow their use. The photograph to the right shows a recently completed roof where imitation stone tiles have been used.

Reclaimed Tiles

Stone tiles were historically laid using stone from the buildings surrounding land. They can actually be regarded as stone slates that are laid in diminishing courses of varying widths from eaves to ridge.

stone tiles Bathhampton

Stone Tiles

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