Clay Roofing Tiles Bath

Clay tiles have been used to cover various roof applications for more than 2000 years. They are highly durable, being processed, shaped and kiln fired from naturally occurring deposits. Clay tiles are weather resistant and modern production methods ensure even greater durability. These methods have given rise to an increase in both colour and texture of finish. Over time, one of the clay tiles great assets is its weathering appearance,  their colours remain fast and indeed improve with age.

Restoration and Replacement

In most instances restoration and / or strip and recovered roofs, use the existing roof covering with (after sorting and grading) any shortfall, being made up from reclaimed tiles to a close match. There are many forms of clay and concrete tiles but, generally speaking they can be divided into three main types:- Plain, Overlapping and Interlocking.


When asked to provide a quotation, we will assess the condition of existing clay tiles and discuss the options available with either, re-roofing or repairing projects.  To view more photographs of clay tiling projects that we have completed please look at the gallery page.

clay roofing tiles Bath