Profiled Metal Sheeting & Tile Systems

These types of roofs are now available in a multitude of colours, profiles and thicknesses. They are primarily used in the industrial and commercial markets but are also proving very effective for some domestic applications. This is particularly the case with re-roofing previously sheeted garage roofs for example. The great advantage of these roof systems is the ability to produce long, light weight sheet sections, thereby eliminating end laps (historically the cause of leaks in low pitch roofs using shorter sheet systems). They can accommodate these low pitches and can also be formed to follow barrel or curved shaped roofs.

Manufactures are producing single layered sheet systems through to built-up insulated systems and pre-formed insulated systems where the insulation is bonded to the inner and outer layer. The results are strong, maintenance free roofs that can be fitted quickly and economically. Further applications are the over-sheet systems that allow refurbishment of older roofs without the necessity of removing the existing roof covering.

Pre-formed metal tile systems.

These light-weight innovative tile systems are a solution to pitched roofs that require a finished profile not dissimilar to the traditional clay or concrete tiles available, but where weight has to be considered. They are usually produced in widths of between 1.0m and 1.2m of varying patterns and once fitted give a long lasting maintenance free roof.
These tiling systems are versatile and with the correct supports can be used to “over sheet” an existing roof covering. We can advise the suitability of the system types available, for a particular application and are happy discuss further with prospective clients.

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