Roofing Insulation & Ventilation

Insulation is an integral part of many roof specifications and the variety of those available enable us to satisfy client’s energy efficiency needs. From simple Top-up” of existing through to complete insulation,U-Value calculations, specifications and fitting, M J Faint Roofers can advise on the best materials and their usage. Ventilation can be viewed as the other side of the coin where insulation and condensation considerations need to be taken into account. As with insulation, there are numerous ventilation options available and we at M J Faint Roofers will be happy to advise their specification and use.

Roof-lights; Traditional & Contemporary

We have been fitting roof-lights for many years in both traditional and contemporary roof designs. Contemporary designs have evolved over time and are an excellent source of light and ventilation. They can now be operated both manually or remotely, depending on situation or choice. Many are used for example, when converting loft space into an extra room or for providing light through a flat roof.

The more traditional roof-lights are still produced to faithfully retain the features of original designs and can be fitted with beautiful winding/opening mechanisms. Whatever your requirements there will be a roof-light suitable and we at M J Faint Roofers can supply and fit this for you.

Roofing Insulation & Ventilation Bath